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30 Pounds by New Years!!!

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Yes, that’s right.  I will be losing 30 pounds by New Year’s (Hopefully).  The Kinect for the xbox 360 is now out, and I believe will change the way we game, exercise, and even social network.  To help prove that point, I have purchased a Kinect and the game Your Shape Fitness Evolved.  Every day I will be using this game to not only work out, but have fun doing it.  I will weigh myself everyday and post it here for the whole world to see.  Check back every day to see the progress (or regress) of my experiment.

November 4 – Today’s starting weight is……..188!  (I know, I wear it well)

November 5 – Today’s weight is……..185.8 – for the first day of use, I love it, but the problem is I think I love it too much. My legs are burned out today because I tried every single mode on 3 different games (Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Kinect Adventures, and Kinect Sports).

November 6 – Today’s weight is…….183.6 – What? Another 2.2 pounds in one day?  Well, I will admit that I only played games on the Kinect today and didn’t get a chance to get on my fitness game, but hey, I can still feel the burn!

November 7 – Today’s weight is…….183.6 – Newman

November 8 – Today’s weight is…….183.6 – O.K. well this one is my fault, I had to work all day yesterday, and didn’t get a chance to use it, so my bad.  Tomorrow will be different!!!

November 9 – Today’s weight is…….185.2 – Chocolate + More Chocolate =’s More weight, not less….Who Knew?

November 10 – Today’s weight is…….184.0 – Today was a good day.

November 11 – Today’s weight is…….183.0 – I think I just figured out that even though I use the kinect, it doesn’t mean I can eat anything I want.  Pearls of wisdom for all of you out there 🙂

November 12 – Today’s weight is…….183.0 – No Kinect today, and it shows.

November 13 & 14 – Unkown – That is the beauty of the Antioch retreat….no news is good news, right?

November 15 – Today’s weight is…….181.4 – It looks like I must have burned ALOT of calories during the retreat, because I ate way more than I normally do.

November 16 – Today’s weight is……178.6 – Back on the Kinect train, and it shows!

November 17 – Today’s weight is……178.4 – Sometimes you just rejoice that it didn’t go the other way!

November 18 – Today’s weight is……179.6 – I am not going to beat myself up on this one, I have earned that extra dessert.

November 19 – Today’s weight is……181.0 – You would think that walking around Disney all day would help with the 3 pieces of pizza, Pannini Sandwich, French Fries, Junk Food, and more, I guess not.  Tomorrow I need some Good Kinect time.

November 20-22 – These days have been lost in some sort of time space continuum.

November 23 – Today’s weight is……180.0 – Alright, back on track and ready to rumble with the Kinect.

November 24 – Today’s weight is……179.4 – Slow and steady wins the race.

November 25 – Today’s weight is…… 179.4 – This is like one of those nights on the news where there really is nothing to report…..awkward….

November 26 – Today’s weight is……185.4 – There is only one day a year where this is humanly possible, Thanksgiving!  6 pounds in one day, now that is a great thanksgiving.

November 27 – Today’s weight is…..184.0 – Now comes the arduous task of losing it all again.

November 28 – Today’s weight is……183.0 – O.K. in the right direction 🙂

November 29 – Today’s weight is……184.0 – O.K. in the wrong direction 🙁

November 30 – Today’s weight is……183.0 – Alright, I will admit that I have not been doing a very good job of using the Kinect everyday, but I will say that it is mostly the fault of my job, as I have not had much time at all on any given day.

December 1 – Today’s weight is……183.0 – This is New commitment Wednesday.  I vow to make more time on the kinect, period.

December 2 – Today’s weight is……182.2 – While that is technically a loss in weight, it is not where I need to be…maybe I need to stop eating at midnight every night…just a thought.

December 3 – Today’s weight is……181.0 – Yep, not eating at midnight helps.