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Bang the Bucket: Mobile Game?

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Rick has posted  a thread in the forums about a potential Mobile Game of Bang the Bucket.  There’s also a poll there about what mobile operating system you have on your phone.  I started thinking about what a mobile version of the game would be like, and how it could work, and this could go any number of directions.  I do think it’s possible, however, to make a video game version of it.

Rick writes:

How many of you like the actual game Bang the Bucket?  How many of you like it so much you would want it on your phone to be able to play with any Antiocher anytime?  Well, coming soon, this WILL happen.  So my question is: How many of you have a phone that runs on Android?  If you don’t know what this means, you probably have been brainwashed with ios.  Let me know.

Respond, and vote in the poll here: Bang the Bucket Mobile Game?