» » The Nicene Creed – Changes #3 – Was incarnate of the Virgin Mary

The Nicene Creed – Changes #3 – Was incarnate of the Virgin Mary

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This Week’s Focus on the Change by Fr. James Chelich

“Was incarnate of the Virgin Mary”

Was born of the Virgin Mary” now becomes “was incarnate of the Virgin Mary.”

Incarnate” means the eternal Word that is God took on human nature: everything that we were created to be as human beings.  The did this to draw close to us, to express God’s unconditional love for us, and to extend to us the offer to heal us.  In the process we heaped upon him everything broken, bruising and death dealing in our sin infected human nature (the effect of our rebellion against God).  This he endured from us, bore in his human nature with great suffering, and carried unto death for our salvation.  The diseased human nature we heaped upon him, died with him – its power broken in him and by him.  A new human nature for us rose with him.  All who cling to him in faith find the power to die with him to their old human nature and rise with him to experience the regeneration of their human nature into a new self (see Ephesians 4:17-24).  He is forever death to sin and resurrection to a regenerated humanity for all who live their lives “through him, with him, and in him.”

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